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Cool game

One of my favorite games in the app store.

Very Funny

Wow... Most people don't like this game for some reason but I found the enjoyment of this game. The designer of this game must have a sense of humor. You get to clean up the satanic dog's droppings within 99 seconds. Oh yeah, also after every 5 levels, a girl walks to you and says "I love you!"

Cool but can't save

This game is awesome but the problem is you can't save. Would be five stars but can't save.


This game was FREE!

Fun Game

This game is so fun but I wish we could save. This is total worth $0.99


1 problem, you can't save the game

Simple, old school fun with great personality

I love this game. It's simple and kinda difficult, but that makes it feel all the more like an old school game. The controls are a little bit tough to get used to, but in the end I'm too busy laughing at myself sweeping up dog poop and jumping in the air and flapping to really care too much about how it controls... Plus it's free, so why complain..? Just a tip, cuz it took me a little while to realize (maybe I'm a little dense): You can walk under the giraffe's legs. So you don't need to try and jump over it, which is what I kept doing.. this makes the game much less frustrating.


Very fun game just needs a few tweeks.

What the heck is this garbage

This app is a terible game waste of time and space!

great but could use an update. :)

i love it it's so fun and addicting but next time you make an update can you make it so that if you leave the app you can go back to the same level next time. it's irritating being at level 18 and having to leave then come back to level one.


There's no point


You need to add a feature that allows you to save your game still great game!


CraZy funny game with fast paced gmplay



Original and twisted.

This is a clever and very challenging game with a surprising amount of depth. My only gripe being that the needing to tilt up to jump doesn't feel as intuitive as perhaps being able to simply tap anywhere on the screen.


Feels like a mario game...gives me a warm feeling inside. Lol

Very fun

Wow this is awesome!!!

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